About Amressh

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About Amressh

Amressh Dekonda, the owner of Amressh’s Dance Aerobics Studio, which caters to over 200 students between the ages of 3 and 70. Determined to find an outlet for his passion for Dancing, a civil engineer opened his own fitness and dance studio in Hyderabad around 20 years ago, and hasn’t looked back ever since. When he started the studio in 1997 he had only 2 students. But he’s come a long way since then. Over the years, he has also performed on national and International platforms along with his students.

Amressh adept at dance forms such as Salsa, Ballroom, Bollywood, Free style, Folk dances, Semi classical and Zumba. He always believed that common people should be able to enjoy dance. Hence, he created his own style of steps so that common people can learn easily and also enjoy. Amressh has trained quite a few promising dancers in the institute run by him for the last several years.

Amressh was felicitated by the Belgium Government in Brussels for his contribution to dance in 2008 and 2012. He was awarded best ideal teacher award in 2009 by Student development society, Pune in Dance and Painting and also felicitated by junior JAYCEE Wing in 2010 for dance. He has the rare distinction of presenting the dances of AP in several festivals all over the country and abroad. He has represented the state and our country in several international festivals in Dubai, Europe (Belgium, France, Holland, Germany), USA (California, New York, Washington). Recently he was invited by Malaysia and Thailand for their Dance Festival. He also has offers to start many institutes abroad, but he prefers to be in india.

He worked in Dinaz for 5years where he gained lot of knowledge on weight reduction and weight gain. He was the only male instructor among 22 female instructors, and the highest paid.

He had conducted lot of workshops for corporate like Infosys, Bank of America, Tata Projects, Genpac etc. He also received lot of request to choreograph in several Tollywood & Bollywood films, but preferred and enjoys teaching to students of all age groups in various styles of dances.
He organizes free programs for deaf and Dump institutes, orphanages, mentally challenged students etc. He also is invited as a judge for the programs organized for special children.